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The AccelereX combines advanced Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) sensor technology with Global Positioning System (GPS) to create a platform for testing vehicle braking, drag factor and acceleration performance.

It is an open system so you are not locked in a proprietary box. Data are displayed on the PDA in real time. Data can also be saved in text files and uploaded to desktop computers for further analysis using software such as Excel or Matlab. Furthermore, with Wi-Fi and Microsoft Pocket Office Suite, the PDA can be used for many other purposes to increase your productivity.

Accelerex is the ideal tool for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Vehicle Testing and Maintenance, Speedometer Callibration, distance measurement, Racing, Route Recording, GPS Route Planning and navigation and much more...

Handheld Performer™ Software

Accelerex measures & records longitude and latitude G, speed & distance, at a sampling rate of 100 Hz for accelerometer and 1 Hz for GPS receiver for accurate measurements.

Data is displayed in real time, in an intuitive and user friendly interface. Extensive help documentation is included to ensure easy operation. Data is saved on the PDA which can be further downloaded to a PC for further analysis.




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