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EdgeFX is the new standard in diagramming and animation software. Over 3 years in development, EdgeFX represents cutting edge technology from a proven company. Visual Statement has listened to feedback, and focused on streamlining the process for creating diagrams (2D or 3D) and animating a scene in either 2D or 3D.


  • Trimble Sketchup (3D Warehouse¬†http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/) Integration
  • Enhanced Bullet Trajectory Tool. ¬†Includes cone of posibility for diagramming variance in trajectory.
  • Evidence Marker System. ¬†Mark scene evidence and show photographs on unique report.
  • Proven Track Record. Thousands of customers and over 10 years of feedback.
  • Always 3D. Edit/position objects and vehicles directly in 3D.
  • Terrain conforming. Animation paths now automatically conform to the underlying terrain.
  • Simplified Animation process. Interactive ghosting system allows you to orient objects directly in the scene along the motion path.
  • LightingFx. Directional lighting capability. Show headlights in a night crash for example.
  • AvatarFx. Make positioning a body in 3D simple.
  • Point Cloud Support. Import a point cloud and view directly in the scene.
  • Interactive Timeline Support. View a timeline of your animation.
  • Multiple Measurement Systems. Total Station, Baseline and Triangulation.
  • New Tools. Time-saving tools such as the new Combi-line allow you to seamlessly create a single path with line, arc or curved segments.
  • Enhanced 3D Crush. Damaged vehicles can now be crushed both horizontally and vertically. CrumpleFx adds a realistic look to the damage.
  • Enhanced and Simplified Model Library. New life-like trees, and additional models to complete your scene.

Direct 3D Manipulation

Position, edit and interact with objects on your scene directly in 3D using the new Fx gripping system.

Enhanced PhotoFx

Create a life-like scene using photos. Introducing Depth Masking - position objects in your scene behind marked areas in the photograph.

Seamlessly shift to top-down view

Your choice. Edit/position objects in top-down view at your convenience. No rendering or waiting.

Image Gallery

  1. Trimble Sketchup Model Integration
  2. Bullet Trajectory Cone
  3. Evidence Markers
  4. Create a life-like scene using photos.
  5. Orient objects directly in the scene along the motion path.
    Interactive Ghosting
  6. 2D Animation
  7. Edit/position bodies directly in 3D.
  8. Edit/position objects in top-down (2D) view.
    Top-down View
  9. Import a point cloud and view directly in the scene.
    Point Cloud Support
  10. Position, edit and interact with objects on your scene directly in 3D.
    Direct 3D Manipulation
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What Customers are saying
I have been using Visa FX Pro Recon for about five years now. Even from the beginning, I have found it extremely easy to use. From the time I download the scene from my handheld computer to completion of the collision diagram, I can have the scene drawn in one hour or less. From connecting scene points to changing line types, the ease of use saves me a lot of time when drawing the scene. The instruction received was great as is the support from Visual Statement. I have recommended the program to other agencies in the area.

Jeff Klinzing
Police Officer
Date: May 12, 2011
Elk Grove/Elk Grove Police Department, CA