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mFX is a very powerful yet easy to use data collector for use with Total Station devices from Trimble, Nikon, Sokkia, Topcon and Leica. Control your Total Station with mFX, take shots and see the measurement points form your diagram as you shoot. mFX provides an instant preview of your measurements allowing you to see errors or deficiencies instantly.

Once mFX has collected all the data points, a built-in integration module will allow you to download the data into EdgeFX and complete the diagram. Simple, efficient and easy-to-use.

Use Your Own Hardware

mFX works on any Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 or Version 5.0. Enabling you to use your existing hardware.

Efficient Interface

The mFX application has been built to improve efficiency and workflow between Total Stations and Diagramming software (EdgeFX). It is designed with all functions and buttons for recon professionals in mind. It is very easy to navigate the scene you are shooting, add/edit measurement points, and rectify measurements or perform measurements on the diagram. As well as get a good preview of your scene.



Improved Workflow

With mFX you can see a diagram of your scene as you shoot it (in 2D or 3D from any angle); stay organized in large, complex scenes by zooming in on evidence-rich areas and adjusting detail levels. Add descriptions to your points, recognize errors early so you can fix them on scene. No more fussing with total station input panels, instead you use the convenient mFX interface.

Reposition Total Station

Repositioning your total station to shoot large scenes is easy, you have 2 options to reposition your total station. So you can keep shooting your scene with new points and existing points in one file.

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