Is Your Budget Tight?

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Are you trying to do more with less?


Most of the agencies we deal with are struggling with tighter timelines and budgets in today’s economic climate. They simply have to do more with less. Are you looking to streamline your resources? Is your agency facing cutbacks? No one wants to ask the boss for money, but if you can show how an investment can be paid for in a short amount of time and reduce costs overall, then it gets a whole lot easier.


No matter how you look at it, hand-diagramming or using the wrong software package can be time consuming, rigid and is far more likely to contain errors. By drawing on the questions above, you can start calculating how quickly your investment can pay off. The question then becomes, can you afford not to look at other options?


How do you calculate a ROI? Start by measuring costs associated with your investigations for one month using your current measuring and diagramming methods. Using the statistics above, calculate your anticipated savings for one month. Compare this number with the equipment and software costs to see how many months it will take to break even. After this time, every dollar saved is money in your pocket and your return on that investment.


Measuring your return on investment is essential when dealing with budgets that are less than ideal. No matter how complicated the situation is, we would be happy to work out the cost benefit for your agency or business. Contact us.