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Is your current diagramming too complex?

Not every system is created equal. You may already be looking at a software program or measuring device for your accident reconstructions. Before you buy anything, consider each of your needs and the compatibility issues that may arise for the tools required.


Save yourself time, and more importantly, money by seeking out a tool that is multi-purposed.

A crash and crime all-in-one solution can lower initial purchase costs and do even more to decrease man hours and errors. Consider equipment and software that can diagram crash, crime, boating and even DUI checkpoints.


Is data collection a hassle? In conjunction with a handheld data collector, the mFX Data Collector software tool makes shooting and capturing data efficient and more accurate by displaying your total station points as you shoot a scene, virtually eliminating errors while out in the field.


Now you have the scene captured, what is the next step? Many agencies come to us with compatibility issues between how data is collected and the software used to create a finished diagram. Our all-in-one solution takes field data straight from your hardware to your desktop where you then can complete a professional-looking diagram with integrated analysis tools to recreate the scene of the accident.


Check out the all-in-one solution now.