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We have been using Visual Statement since 2008 and love the software, they do great work. With new cutting edge technology they are always bringing something new to the table to make our jobs easier. The software is easy to use and makes our final product more professional.

Jeff Booth

Date: Jun 24, 2010
San Luis Obispo, CA
I have been using Visual Statement for years and the latest program, EdgeFX has some great new features. The lighting effects are a wonderful addition and having the ability to manipulate and place the items in the 3D view makes complicated scenes a snap. Combines with the services from the VS team and they have made our jobs easier and faster.

Richard Rinker

Date: Jul 18, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
At least 50% of our fatals are car vs. pedestrian. In the past with our previous CAD drawing program, a simple scene could take 4-5 hours. With the Visual Statement programs we can now do it in 30 minutes to an hour, and the output is beautiful. Combined with our robotic total station and the mFX data collector, what used to take hours for three oficers now can be accomplished by one officer in the same amount of time. We are saving 1/3 of our man time and getting the scenes cleared so traffic can get back to normal. We love what Visual Statement programs do for us.

John Crews
Date: Sep 22, 2010
Santa Ana/Santa Ana Police Department, CA
I have been using Visa FX Pro Recon for about five years now. Even from the beginning, I have found it extremely easy to use. From the time I download the scene from my handheld computer to completion of the collision diagram, I can have the scene drawn in one hour or less. From connecting scene points to changing line types, the ease of use saves me a lot of time when drawing the scene. The instruction received was great as is the support from Visual Statement. I have recommended the program to other agencies in the area.

Jeff Klinzing
Police Officer
Date: May 12, 2011
Elk Grove/Elk Grove Police Department, CA
I have been using Visual Statement software since 2007 and am running the current version, EdgeFX. With the addition of lighting control features and the ability to diagram in real time 3D greatly enhances the performance of EdgeFX. The EdgeFX online training (VS Online University), is probably the most valuable asset of the program. I still find a need for FX3 at times, but EdgeFX is the preferred program from accident reconstruction and crime scene documentation.

Michael C. Oliviera
Date: May 13, 2011
Danville/ Private, CA


We have been using Visual Statement Software for over 5 years. They have done a remarkable job, providing us with the most current technology for Diagramming and Reconstructing our scenes. Recently we have had several commercial vehicle collisions and using the Articulated Vehicle function with Smart Trailer has allowed us to create accurate and professional looking Reconstructions

Chad Sell
Date: Jul 12, 2010
Howell, MI
I have been using Visual Statement's software for two years now and it works great. I especially like the CrashMath application. When presenting to attorneys you can prepare the equations that you expect them to request and have it up on the screen in no time. With great professional output in minutes, it's a great addition to any crash reconstruction.

Michael Hoeker
Private Reconstructionist
Date: Dec 20, 2010
Muskegon/Collision Reconstructions, MI


We chose Visual Statement's FX Software as it is simple, straight forward and extremely user friendly program. The software was easy to learn and has fulfilled all our accident reconstruction needs. We love that it is a completely all-encompassing diagramming solution, no additional software needed!

Dustin Achenbach
Date: Jul 21, 2010
North Platte, NE
We have found Reportbeam reports very easy to work with. The reports are identical to the State of NE paper accident report form, but with the easy use of a computer form. Pre-made intersection templates make it even easier to use! We went from type written reports to Reportbeam and found it to be a huge time saver.

Mary Ann Agler
Clerk-Dispatch Supervisor
Date: Jul 20, 2010
North Platte, NE


I purchased Visual Statement Software in the mid 90's at my Department after trialing several other accident reconstruction software company products. Almost 15 years later, I continued to use Visual Statement FX3 Software after retirement in my own accident reconstruction business. I have had the opportunity to attend various accident reconstruction classes over the years and through networking with reconstructionists throughout the world continually find that I made the right choice.

Stephen M. Ashton

Date: Jul 20, 2010
Fairfield, OH
Meredith Enterprises has been a Visual Statement customer since 2006, originally starting with their Vista FX2 software and most recently upgrading to their latest product EdgeFX. The software's 'ease of use' and the 'amount of time saved' are the main reasons I continue to use and support their diagramming software. Love how it coordinates measurements from a report and has the ability to import directly into the drawing. Plus the model library is up to date and constantly being improved and added to. With EdgeFX, the final presentation is always good and more importantly, it is generally accepted within the industry and in the courts.

Wilbur (Spike) Meredith
Private Reconstructionist
Date: Nov 15, 2010
Newbury/ Meredith Enterprises, OH
As a Detective for the Brunswick Police Department in Ohio I have used the FX2 software and now EdgeFX from Visual Statament. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with this software and the ease of its use. The multiple libraries with the drag and drop feature is one of the many reasons this is so simple to use. Even without any formal training, Visual Statement has the Online University which allows you to learn at your own pace and as a refresher in case you do forget how to perform a task. The finished product is very professional looking and ready for courtroom presentation. Even without a total station and just basic measurements I am able to produce a near to scale diagram of multiple crime scenes in 2D and 3D. This is an outstanding product!

Brian Schmitt
Date: Feb 14, 2011
Brunswick/Brunswick Police Department, OH
I purchased Visual Statement software in the mid 90's at my Department after trialing several other accident reconstruction software company products. Almost 15 years later, I continue to use Visual Statement FX3 software after my retirement in my own accident reconstruction business. I have had the opportunity to attend various accident reconstruction classes over the years and through networking with reconstructionists throughout the world continually find that I made the right choice.

Stephen M. Ashton
Private Reconstructionist
Date: Jul 20, 2010
Fairfield/Ashton Collision Reconstruction Technology, LLC, OH

Rhode Island

The FX Software from Visual Statement has made the reconstruction process simple. You can tell the software is driven by customer feedback as it is designed with the users in mind. We signed up for their training program and the training staff was excellent. Glad to recommend their software to anyone.

Thomas C. Hannon

Date: Jul 08, 2010
Warwick, RI

South Carolina

As a private reconstructionist I have used several other programs, such as MapScenes, AutoSketch, etc. and there is simply no comparison. Since switching to Visual Statement software, first FX3 and now EdgeFX, I have literally stopped using any other software. Its ease of use, advanced capabilities,and hours saved are why it is my #1 and only choice, for crash and crime scene reconstruction. The certified training and technical support is by far, the best there is. Thank you Visual Statement!

Thomas Onions
Private Reconstructionist
Date: Jan 04, 2011
Pawlings Island/SC/Crash Technologies, Inc, SC
We have just implemented the ReportBeam collision program over the last few months and so far we love it! From the speed we have the ability to scan faster to the accuracy we obtain by having the exact GPS location, it is not just efficient but actually fun. We've gotten rid of the monotony of filling out hand written reports, saving time by reducing the man hours spent on a collision report by two-thirds and will save thousands of dollars in the process. The inclusion of SmartRoads by ReportBeam has the same quality of all Visual Statement products, they turn night into day and literally set the standard in diagramming software.

Wilson Matthews
Date: Sep 01, 2010
Lexington/Lexington County Sheriff's Department, SC
Thh ReportBeam collison program is simply 'fantastic'. We used to spend countless man hours, which added up to thousands of dollars a year, having to complete handwritten reports. With Visual Statement and their ReportBeam system we now have a much easier, faster, less complicated and more efficient system in which to complete our collision reports. We have finally arrived in the 21st century and we are not looking back!

Christopher Murdaugh
Date: Sep 10, 2010
Orangeburg/ Orangeburg Public Safety Department, SC


We have been using the EdgeFX software since October 2010. The software is very user friendly.Prior to using EdgeFX, we had been using CrashZone. CrashZone was a good system, but wasn't user friendly. We have been much more efficient with our investigations since we started using EdgeFX.

Graham M. Campshure
Date: Feb 04, 2011
Cedar Rapids/ Cedar Rapids Police Department, IA


Out Department purchased the Marine ReportBeam system last year. We really noticed that having a digital version of our boat accident report form with drop down menus has improved accurcy and we have received postive feedback from the field on ease of use. Having the software flag errors for the officer before it will accepted by the system really saves time during the review process. Having this functionality helps get the reports submitted to the Coast Guard in the time allowed. The ability to perform report queries allows us to gather relevant data for use in presentations and funding requests. The versatility and ease of use of this program makes it a great tool for our agency.

David Pfiffner
Game Warden Captain
Date: Feb 09, 2011
Nevada Department of Wildlife, NV


We used to spend hours manually importing the same data multiple times, which cost us tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs that could be more effectively used otherwise. When we implemented the ReportBeam Crash Reporting solution, we immediately noticed a reduction in duplicative efforts and realized more staff hours available for more meaningful tasks toward our mission. Visual Statement is the model for customer service; their response time is second to none, with every tweak and change needed being delivered almost instantaneously. ReportBeam is easy to use, data entry time has decreased, and our record management software is now a breeze. We would recommend ReportBeam and Visual Statement as the #1 solution for anyone interested in an answer to their crash, citation, diagramming and reporting software needs.

Jeff Smith
Date: Aug 30, 2010
Lawrenceville/ Lawrenceville Police Department, GA


Before we used ReportBeam we found the paper reports were a headache not just for us, but for the state. Our department handles about 30 reports a month and ReportBeam has cut the time spent filling out the reports almost in half which equates to almost $6000 a year. In addition to money saved, we also save time approving and rejecting reports and generating graphs for presentations to the public.

Chris Palmer
Date: Aug 30, 2010
Crystal Springs/ Crystal Springs Police Department, MS
We don't do a lot of wrecks, but ReportBeam is so easy to use that we don't find that any of our officers need retraining on the system. The impact to our department has been huge. From saving time filling out the reports, to not having to deal with paper copies, to improving the professionalism of the reports... we not only save time using the system, but we save money on labor and paper costs. We save at least $2000 a year in man hours, training time and paper costs.

Russ Robinson
Police Officer
Date: Aug 30, 2010
Iuka/Tishomingo Police Department, MS


I use Visual Statement FX and EdgFX literally on a daily bases. They have been the foundation for my work product in hundreds of accident cases. I am especially impressed with EdgeFX’s animation features. The “excursion” tool is fantastic! Using VS products, I have animated accidents that have resulted in multimillion dollar settlements or reduced clients’ liability drastically. I made a presentation on Accident Animation to the Lewis & Clark Law School – Law Institute using animations created with Visual Statement FX and EdgeFX. I provided attendees with a download site for 30 of my animations and got over a hundred hits. As an added result, I also received numerous inquiries regarding case work. Animation completely changes the way I think about accident reconstruction. Instead of relying on formulae output regarding speed, distance, time, etc., I build a real time model of the accident to visualize in “real time,” if the data works with the facts! And, I can virtually move around in 3d space to see what the accident scene looked like. With the ability to download a satellite image of an accident scene to scale, I can build a 3d model of a scene that represents the accident to the detail that I need. I also have to say I am impressed with the support provided by the VS Support Team. They always have a solution to the problem. Keep up the good work Visual Statement!

Donald Webb
Date: May 18, 2011
Salem/Accident Analysis Service, OR


Our whole firm uses Visual Statement and we recently started using EdgeFX for projects. We've been with Visual Statement for years and recommend the products to our friends in the industry. We also love the customer support!

Jeffrey D. Armstrong, P.E.
Date: Jul 20, 2011
Armstrong Forensic Engineers Tampa, FL


I have been using Visual Statement’s [diagramming solutions] for my preferred reconstruction software for many years. It is the best and most user friendly software on the market, and I have tried just about everything out there. I am happy to recommend Visual Statement for traffic and crime diagraming software and look forward to continuing with the software into the future.

Greg Duval

Date: Oct 28, 2012
Duval Investigations, UT


I have been using different diagramming programs over the years to include, Crash Zone, Autosketch and Aras 360. We went to Visual Statement's FX3 program about 2005 and upgraded to EdgeFX in 2009. I have found Visual Statement to be the most user friendly of all the different programs. The transition of the diagram into our reporting system (Report Beam) is effortless. The support from the sales and technical staff at Visual Statement is incredible. If you have a problem with the program it is handled quickly and professionally, usually in the same day. The manual and shortcuts in the latest release of EdgeFX are great reminders to how to use features that you may forget to use on a routine basis. I would recommend Visual Statement to anyone looking for a diagramming program.

Ronnie Sitler

Date: Mar 25, 2014
, VA


Being a Deputy/Reconstructionist in Illinois for the past 26 years, I have used everything there is for documenting crash and homicide scenes. Being a dinosaur that remembers using tapes and then advancing to DOS programs, I can comfortably say there is no better system available for law enforcement than Visual Statement products. Adam,Deryck,the support staff are all world class. We started with the original FX and then upgraded to Edge when it was released. The power of Edge is really in the ease of use. Training curves for new guys is very small, which my department really appreciates. New investigators can utilize the computer based training to improve their skills. If you do run into an "operator error", tech support has never let us down. Being able to complete scenes accurately from start to finished results in a few man-hours vs many man-hours has budget savings that my supervisors appreciate.

Clarence Claxton
Date: Apr 09, 2014
Will County Sheriff's Office, Illinois, IL